TravelManagers new consumer TVC

TravelManagers will later this year launch a major consumer-facing campaign to build its brand nationally. A key component is this new video commercial which was launched at the 2016 TravelManagers National Conference in Bangkok. #TM2016BKK

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Posted: Thu 29 Oct 15

Benfica Safety video – Emirates

Watch Emirates’ crew demonstrate our “safety video” in front of 65,000 Benfica fans, with a twist…[tubepress video="jAF2hZxdFRE"].

Posted: Thu 27 Oct 11

The world’s most remote voting booth

Tourism Australia has created the world's most remote polling place, with a pop-up booth on the minute sandbank island of Upolu Cay, 30km offshore from Cairns in Far North Queensland.

Posted: Fri 24 Aug 12

100% Middle-earth 100% Pure New Zealand

Unveil your very own Middle-earth experience in a place that will forever keep you under its spell.

Posted: Mon 06 Jun 11

Qantas Holidays Trip Achievers to New York

Qantas Holidays took a group of lucky travel agents to New York in August 2010 to reward them for their achievement in the QH/Viva! Trip loyalty program.

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