Orly Airport’s holographic boarding staff

Orly Airport in Paris has introduced new holograms which alert passengers when it’s time to board.

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Posted: Tue 07 Jun 11

Oasis of the Seas 2

Barry Matheson showcases the cabins and amazing features of Oasis of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise ship.

Posted: Mon 02 May 11

Cover-More Travel Insurance – TV Ads May 2011

Cover-More Travel Insurance has launched this new series of five television commercials highlighting the importance of purchasing travel insurance and why travel agents are the best place to buy it from.

Posted: Wed 23 Jul 14

View the cabin factory on Quantum of the Seas

Designing a cabin on a cruise ship is a fine art form of sorts, with the intricate weaving of furniture and amenities into a predefined area.

Posted: Mon 06 Jun 11

Tourism Australia – new TV ad campaign

Tourism Australia has launched its new 'Nothing like Australia' TV commercial at Australian Tourism Exchange in Adelaide.

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