Window Seat

JAPAN has decided its next
act to boost tourism will see it
invite visitors into the secretive
yet enticing world of ninjas.
Tourist agencies have set up a
not-so-secret society known as
the Japan Ninja Council.
The not-so-ancient, not-somystical
clan will have chapters
in the Mie, Shiga, Nagano,
Kanagawa and Saga prefectures
– all areas with dark and shady
histories in ninja espionage.
Activities that tourists can take
part in will include visiting the
Ninjutsu Village where they can
take lessons in the “shadow
arts” at a ninja training centre.
The organisation will work to
spread its message of welcome
around the world, with Ninja
Tourism to become one of many
niche strategies ahead of the
2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.