Thu 31 Mar 16

Question 21

In 25 words or less, explain why you would recommend Tempo Holidays' India programme to your clients.

Wed 30 Mar 16

Question 20

Tempo Holidays' India and Sri Lanka health retreats perform what style of treatment?.

Tue 29 Mar 16

Question 19

Name one of the two UNESCO cave sights visited by Tempo Holidays, north of Mumbai.

Thu 24 Mar 16

Question 18

Tempo Holidays' The Ultimate Travelling Camp 'glamping site' is located in Thiksy, Ladsakh between which months.

Wed 23 Mar 16

Question 17

Tempo Holidays' Classical India & Classical Rajasthan is guaranteed to operate with a minimum of how many passengers?.

Tue 22 Mar 16

Question 16

This Taj hotel is the former residence of an eccentric Indian ruler who was once the world's richest man.

Mon 21 Mar 16

Question 15

Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces are represented on the GDS under which chain code.

Fri 18 Mar 16

Question 14

What is the Frequent Guest Program of Taj Hotels called.

Thu 17 Mar 16

Question 13

Which Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket team is coached by Aussie Tom Moody?.

Wed 16 Mar 16

Question 12

In which city is Taj Hotel's famous 'Taj Lake Palace'?.

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