Wed 26 May 10

Week Four Adventure Photo 24-31 May 10

Terri Dillon - WEEK FOUR AND OVERALL WINNER Pulse Travel No more drinks bartender – I’m a bit elephants trunk – hiccup - drunk! Come on in the waters fine Where’s my ice .

Wed 26 May 10

Week Three Adventure Photo 17-21 May 10

Sneha Maharaj - WEEK THREE WINNER Flight Centre Brisbane Who said white men can't jump.

Wed 26 May 10

Week Two Adventure Photo 10-15 May 10

Ruth Birtwistle - WEEK TWO WINNER Travel To Go "This thing will never get off the ground" Tina Los Travel Associates "Hey stop, slow down!!! Youre heading straight for that elephant!!! "Stop stop stop!!! I need to give you a lesson before you take off!!!! Hey Jack , wait wait , I fell off the back - slow down and let me get back on again !!! "Who's a pretty boy !!!!!!" "OUCH !!!!! This is more painful than I thought !!" Sally Pryce-Jones American Express Emu - hmmm and you think working in travel is hard .

Wed 26 May 10

Week One Adventure Photo 3-7 May 10

Natalie Freeman - WEEK ONE WINNER Travel Counsellor ‘You must be quadding me!!!!!!’ Heike Duggin Harvey World Travel Bendigo ….

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