Fri 29 Jul 16

Question 21

In 25 words or less, describe the ways in which Scenic goes to the Nth degree, and why you would recommend your clients to book a Scenic cruise.

Thu 28 Jul 16

Question 20

True or false: there are over 50 custom-designed cycling options available through Scenic's Tailormade Devices?.

Wed 27 Jul 16

Question 19

What three rivers will guests cruise during Scenic's new French Flair itinerary?.

Tue 26 Jul 16

Question 18

In what city is the new gala spectacular Scenic Rouge Enrich experience?.

Mon 25 Jul 16

Question 17

Name the two new Scenic Freechoice activities available in Caudebec-en-Caux on the Gems of the Seine river cruise.

Fri 22 Jul 16

Question 16

For which regions are Scenic Culinaire classes offered?.

Thu 21 Jul 16

Question 15

Which rooftop viewing area on Scenic's river ships is sunken to allow you to enjoy it while passing under low bridges?.

Wed 20 Jul 16

Question 14

On which 11 day France river cruise can you enjoy a Scenic Sundowners cocktail at the estate of Manoir d'Appreval?.

Tue 19 Jul 16

Question 13

What is the size limit for each Scenic Culinaire cooking class?.

Mon 18 Jul 16

Question 12

How many overnight sailings are on the Spectacular South of France itinerary?.

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