Win with Rail Europe GSAs

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This month in Travel Daily, Rail Europe GSAs are giving you the chance to win in conjunction with Eurail, Eurostar, Swiss Travel System and German Rail carrier DB.

The prize is a trip for two including:

  • 2 x Eurail Global Passes
  • 2 x Eurostar Standard Tickets
  • Hop on hop off bus tickets in two cities of your choice
  • 4 nights accommodation in the city of the winner’s choice

To win, answer each daily question correctly and have the most creative answer to the final question. Send your entries to

Terms and conditions apply. To view, CLICK HERE.








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Question 9

What is a Swiss transfer ticket?

Question 8

What is the longest validity of travel days available for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

Question 7

What Swiss panoramic train does not require a seat reservation (although it is highly recommended)?

Question 6

What is the cost of a Swiss Family Card?

Question 5

True or false: Taking a day trip from Munich to Salzburg, Austria, on a German Rail Pass requires an additional supplement?

Question 4

By train, what is the travel time between Frankfurt and Munich?

Question 3

What is the name of the central train station in Berlin?

Question 22

In 25 words or less, how would you put your Eurail pass prize to best use?

Question 21

True or false: Eurostar offers direct services to Marseille in the south of France?

Question 20

GSAs can issue e-tickets for Eurostar – how far in advance do reservations open?

Question 2

On Deutsche Bahn, what does the train acronym ICE stand for?

Question 19

What is the name of the Paris train station at Eurostar arrives at?

Question 18

What is the travel time between London and Paris on Eurostar?

Question 17

What is the name of the highest class of seating on Eurostar?

Question 16

According to Eurostar, what ages qualify as a ‘youth’ for their discounted fares?

Question 15

What three countries constitute Benelux?

Question 14

True or false: Taking an overnight train at 8pm and arriving at 6am takes up to 2 days on a Eurail pass?

Question 13

In order to qualify for Eurail saver pass fares, how many people must travel together?

Question 12

How many countries can you travel to in Europe on a Eurail Global Pass?

Question 11

How far in advance of your clients’ first travel date can you purchase a Eurail pass?

Question 10

True or false: A Swiss Travel Pass allows you to travel on public transport in up to 75 Swiss cities?

Question 1

GSAs can now offer E-tickets in Germany – how far in advance can these be booked?

Note: This competition ran in September 2016 and entries have closed.