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This month, Travel Daily, BENTOURS and Hurtigruten are giving away a 12 day Hurtigruten ‘Classic PrintCoastal Voyage Return’, in a private cabin for 2 people. The prize includes four onshore excursions provided per person, along with Full Board, valued at up to A$10,000.

All you have to do to win this incredible prize is answer each daily question correctly and have the most creative answer to the final question. Send your entries to

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Question 9

In the BENTOURS brochure, I am a Christmas expedition departing 15th December 2016. What’s my name?

Question 8

Which archipelago does BENTOURS and Hurtigruten sail to, where thousands of polar bears live?

Question 7

Which Norwegian coastal voyage does BENTOURS sell, that starts in Bergen and ends in Trondheim?

Question 6

Which Hurtigruten sip does not have a stabiliser and is considered to be a ‘traditional ship, steeped in maritime history’?

Question 5

BENTOURS sells an expedition to Greenland and Iceland featuring Hurtigruten. Fill in the missing word: ‘Glaciers, Ice and Old ______ Heritage’.

Question 4

What is the ame of the newest Hurtigruten ship, featured in the BENTOURS brochure?

Question 3

In the BENTOURS brochure, how many departures are available for the ‘Northern Lights Astronomy Voyage’?

Question 21

Tell us in 25 words or less why you want to win a Hurtigruten cruise with BENTOURS.

Question 20

In 2017, Hurtigruten and BENTOURS will set sail on a new voyage from Newfoundland, part of which country?

Question 2

Which BENTOURS package starts in Helsinki, ends in Bergen and features a Hurtigruten cruise?

Question 19

Which of these BENTOURS packages does NOT feature a Hurtigruten cruise? a) Russia and Lapland Highlights b) Complete Norway c) Coastal Fairy-tale

Question 18

Currently sold by BENTOURS, which Hurtigruten vessel has been selected to embark on Antarctica expeditions in 2016, featuring Chilean Fjords and Patagonia?

Question 17

In the BENTOURS brochures, what is the name of the expedition that features the MS Fram and sails to Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland?

Question 16

Which of these BENTOURS packages is NOT a Hurtigruten cruise? a) Christmas in Lapland b) Arctic Land of the Inuit c) Classic Norwegian Discovery

Question 15

Which Hurtigruten ship uses the abbreviation ‘T.F’?

Question 14

I am a 26 day package sold by BENTOURS. I travel through Norway, Finland and Russia. I feature a Hurtigruten cruise. What is my name?

Question 13

Which destination/region is featured on the front cover of the BENTOURS main Scandinavia brochure?

Question 12

BENTOURS sell a popular excursion to catch King Crabs with Hurtigruten, sailing from which town?

Question 11

Which 16 day Antarctica expedition does BENTOURS travel to with Hurtigruten?

Question 10

Since what year has Hurtigruten been operating their voyages?

Question 1

What is the name of ship on the front cover of the BENTOURS ‘Cruising and Expeditions’ brochure?

Note: This competition ran in February 2016 and entries have closed.