Win tickets to see Tanna

Travel Daily has partnered with Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) to give awayTANNA Main Still Dain and Wawa on rock five double passes to celebrate the release of the movie Tanna, the first feature film to be shot entirely in Vanuatu, in close collaboration with ni-Vanuatu people and starring an all Vanuatu cast. Tanna recently collected two awards at the Venice Film Festival and tells the beautiful tale of forbidden love.

To win, be the first to send the correct answer to the question about Vanuatu’s island of Tanna to

Monday 9 November 15
What is the name of the live volcano on the island of Tanna, in Vanuatu?

Tuesday 10 November 15
Tanna is one of the three most popular islands in Vanuatu for tourists. Name the other two.

Wednesday 11 November 15
What is the national airline of Vanuatu that flies travellers to Tanna?

Thursday 12 November 15
Which member of the British Royal family do the people of Yakel worship?

Friday 13 November 15
Yakel is a traditional “Kastom village”. What does this mean?

Note: This competition ran in November 2015 and entries have closed.