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This week, Travel Daily and Sonoma County are giving travel agents the chance to win a bottle of sparkling Sonoma County wine each day.

With more than 400 friendly wineries, 40- plus spas, 88km of stunning Pacific Coast, farm-totable restaurants, rivers to kayak or float down, redwood forests to explore, shops and galleries that entice, and hiking and biking trails that meander over oak-covered hills, Sonoma Wine Country beckons the adventurous, the curious, and the lovers of the laidback Northern California lifestyle.


To win, be the first agent to send the correct answer to the following question to

Monday 1 February 16
Sonoma County’s website now features a new ‘Sonoma County Social Hub’ showcasing amazing pictures and videos. If you want to be featured what # and tag should you use on Instagram?

Tuesday 2 February 16
Fill in the blank: More than _____ spas restore mind, body and spirit in Sonoma Wine Country including luxury spa resorts with gorgeous vineyard views.

Wednesday 3 February 16
In the ‘Search for Real Sonoma’ video what type of food is featured in the #GuernevilleGourmet post?

Thursday 4 February 16
In the ’10 best highlights’ article featured on the Sonoma County website what activities come in a Number 4 & Number 9?

Friday 5 February 16
Sonoma County, California, stretches from the Pacific Coast in the West to the Mayacamas Mountains in the East and is home to how many acres of vineyards?

Note: This competition ran in February 2016 and entries have closed.