Win Red Earth by Tony Park

This week Travel Daily and Swagman Tours is giving five lucky readers
the chance to win Red Earth by Tony

On the outskirts of Durban, Suzanne Fessey fights back during a vicious carjacking. She kills one thief but the other, wounded, escapes with her baby strapped into the back seat. Called in to pursue the missing vehicle are helicopter tracker pilot Nia Carras from the air, and Mike Dunn, a nearby wildlife researcher, from the ground. But South Africa’s police have even bigger problems: a suicide bomber has killed the visiting American Ambassador, and chaos has descended on Kwa- Zulu Natal. As the missing baby is tracked through wild game reserves from Zululand to Zimbabwe, Mike and Nia come to realise that the war on terror has well and truly invaded their part of the world.

To win, simply be the first person to send through the correct answer to the question below to:

Monday 24 October 16
Fill in the blank: Red Earth is Tony Park’s ___ fiction book he has written.

Tuesday 25 October 16
Name the wildlife researcher in Tony Park’s new book?

Wednesday 26 October 16
What two countries are prominent in Red Earth?

Thursday 27 October 16
Name one new lodge featuring in Botswana from the 2017 Swagman Africa brochure.

Friday 28 October 16
What animal features on the cover of the 2017 Swagman Tours brochure?

Note: This competition ran in October 2016 and entries have closed.