It IS very pleasing to see that the travel industry has once again been completely consumed with NTIA fever. In fact, this year we have a record number of nominations and the AFTA website has been awash with traffic as voting is now in full flight.
One of the important things that AFTA does is bring the industry together and NTIA delivers this in spades. Each year the AFTA team puts a great deal of time into ensuring that the categories and process of NTIA are appropriate for the industry and done in a professional way.
For 2015, the changes which have introduced several new categories has shown that we are on track for another very successful process. It is very rewarding for everyone involved in NTIA to see how much the industry does embrace these awards.
I am actually writing this week’s column from Toronto, Canada as I am attending a World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA) board meeting. The global voice of the travel agents is alive and well and it is very pleasing to maintain an involvement in this worldwide forum.
In fact, the WTAAA continues to work on many of the challenges faced by the travel agency community, including IATA matters, NDC, visa access, fuel surcharging and cross border selling, just to name a few.
It is important work that the WTAAA undertakes and importantly allows AFTA to have an influence over the approach that the group takes to get demonstrable outcomes for the industry.
As for Toronto, it’s cold, with temperatures hitting -20°C overnight as a cold front tumbles through. It is hard to imagine how anyone would choose to settle in such a cold place. It is a city nevertheless that has one of the seven wonders of the modern world, being the CN Tower.
In 1995, the tower received this accolade from the American Society of Civil Engineers and having been to the top, I can see why. An amazing experience and particularly on a clear day, even if the lake is frozen and the outside temperature is topping -20°C .
Our friends at the Canadian Travel Agents Association have done a wonderful job in bringing the WTAAA to Toronto. The WTAAA has also launched its new website which can be found at